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From expansion cuts on new house or garage slabs, driveways or patio areas, to cutting concrete for removal. Graeme Bird Concrete Cutting are the specialists for core drilling in Northland, we have the right gear and a can-do attitude no matter how big all small the job we can do it! We specialise in the cutting of rebates for garage doors, windows and doorways. We have the right equipment and the experience. Hydraulic and electric equipment used for indoors to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. We also have modified diesel equipment for sites which contain flammable substances (e.g. major hazard facilities).  We have the equipment to cut road seal at scale.


Our main services include:

  • All types of concrete cutting to 300mm deep for demolition and expansion cutting
  • Decorative tile cutting
  • Core Drilling to 600mm diameter
  • Concrete Bar saw (chain saw)
  • Wire saw for large object demo
  • Wall saw cutting
  • Road asphalt cutting
  • Early entry SOFT cutting
  • Environmental containment and concrete slurry disposal service
  • Concrete scanning with ground penetrating radar technology
  • Milking shed grooving and scarifying



Decorative Tile Cutting To Coloured Concrete

This gives an impressive look to coloured concrete and is a cost effective alternative to tiles for your patio areas, pool area and even interior of your home.


Soff Cutting

Soff cutting a relatively new concept this specialised saw can minimize random cracking and chipping on large areas of concrete. It can be cut on the same day the concrete is poured so benefits both cost and time, as it assists you to complete your deadlines.



Diamond Core Drilling

We can drill to nearly any size from 5mm to 600mm diameter! Drilling can be completed for holes in walls, floors to assist you with your plumbing & electrical requirements. We’ve even been asked to drill in large rocks for garden landscaping; we can drill through almost anything!



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