About Graeme Bird

Our team will deliver exceptional standards and workmanship in all aspects of concrete cutting and drilling.

Graeme Bird Concrete Cutting has the latest specialised equipment.

Health and Safety is central to what Graeme Bird Concrete Cutting does.

We are conscious of the safety and occupational health hazards associated with our work as per our health and safety policy.  We seek to eliminate risk where possible and certainly minimise hazards where elimination is not possible. Some examples include:

  • Graeme Bird has hydraulic and diesel powered equipment constructed so that it can operate at facilities which contain flammable liquids and gases.

  • We have electricity powered equipment (both large and hand held) which can be used in confined spaces to mitigate the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning (petrol engine fumes).

  • Graeme Wall has a remote controlled wall saw.

  • We are supported by SITE SAFE for assistance where required. 

  • Our safety system has been Totika approved.

We use multiple methods to contain, and remove slurry particles which would otherwise damage our water ways and the environment, which we all value. For example our specialised ‘Slurry Sucker’ machine is capable for sucking and storing approximately 400 litres of slurry waste. We have sedimentation tanks to separate concrete cuttings before discharging the water. 

Our specialised concrete cutting equipment includes a remote controlled wall saw and a hydrostress wire saw.



What we do

Commercial, Industrial:

  • Cutting rebates including doorways, garage doors and windows.

  • Expansion cutting for new concrete floor slabs and driveways.

  • Wall cuts for doorways and windows

  • Specialist flush cutting equipment for quality finishes.


  • Floor, wall and small foundation cutting and removal

  • Wire sawing for large monolith slabs, blocks and columns. 

 Specialising in Decorative Tile cutting:

  • Patio, pool and bathroom areas.

Soff Cutting:

  • The latest cutting recommended by Engineers particularly for larger floor slabs to eliminate cracking.

Diamond Core drilling:

  • All sizes (as large as 600mm) and varying depths available

For a no obligation free quote from Graeme Bird Concrete Cutting please call our free number 0800830600.


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3 Bounty Place, Raumanga, Whangarei 0101

Phone: 0800 830 600
Mobile: 027 497 6550
Email: gbirdconcretecutting@gmail.com




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